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Tom Hiddleston for Andy Gotts 2014 [x]

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Awesome so my Elissa professor is cool as all hell and understood my panicking since yeah not every college student has a car. He told me the quiz I missed is in the student center for me to take and I just have to tie my knots for him. 

And my major author study professor fucked up his assignment again, so I have till next week to do it. 

Now I just need to worry about film, finishing my tech writing work, and play catch up. 


ok but why does the winter soldier’s metal arm have such big muscles?? i get that it matches his other arm now but can you imagine bucky as an old man with a skinny flesh arm and then BOOM his metal arm still has these big guns that can lift a car and it has a faded vintage tattoo on it and don’t mess with him because he’S GONNA FUCK UP THOSE KIDS WHO ARE ON HIS LAWN GET OFF YOU FUCKING PUNKS I WAS AN ASSASSIN DON’T TOUCH MY PETUNIAS 

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"I would like to do any way possible that Howard Stark can make a return. He’s such a fun character to play, and I really believe that he could make quite an exciting character to watch more of. The flawed entrepreneur, the kind of crazy playboy, from that era is an exciting concept." - Dominic Cooper

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I jumped a meme—Logan has better reaction faces. 

*rolls around in hell*

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story of my college career


story of my college career

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I was watching the Hetalia clip where South Italy was yelling at Germany. 

Someone just needs to say “Suck my balls you damn potato eater.” to Erik. 


Hello chaps, it’s another smashing giveaway time!

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PS: My yami didn’t steal any of this stuff. I promise. Fingers crossed.

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Black Widow, Ms. Marvel, Beast, Quicksilver, and Silver Surfer <3

Black Widow:Tell a secret?
-I still sleep with a blanket. I literally cannot sleep without it. 

Ms. Marvel:Talk about something new you’re doing.
-New hm? Well I’m getting into Harry Potter now after avoiding it for years since Chris is a huge fan and wants me to enjoy it with him. In exchange, I’m getting him to watch the Hobbit.

Beast:Favorite book?
-Everyone knows Lemony Snicket’s series is mine. I will say Ellen Hopkins’ book Impulse.

Quicksilver:Who do you feel protective toward?
-My siblings and my best friends. Like I wanted to smack a guy in game club cause my sister was on his team playing that Crash Bandicoot racing game and losing—he kept yelling at her and calling her an idiot. I wanted to beat the shit out of him. Same goes for if you fuck with my friends around me. 

Silver Surfer:(Where?) do you want to wander?
-I’d love to wander around New Zealand with tenabiibee one day. I really want to go see Hobbiton ;A;


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Spider-Man: How have you dealt with some of the tragedies in your life?
Captain America: What are some things you believe in?
Iron Man: Ever had any epiphanies?
Thor: Talk about your relationship with your family.
Hawkeye: Talk about a time you got a second chance
Black Widow: Tell a secret?
Captain Marvel: Are you the recipient of a legacy?
Ms. Marvel: Talk about something new you're doing.
She-Hulk: What keeps you busy?
Hulk: How do you feel about being alone?
Luke Cage: Talk about when you've been treated unfairly, on a small or large scale.
Black Panther: How do you feel about your country?
Black Cat: Do you have a code of ethics?
Daredevil: What is something others see as a weakness, but you know to be a strength?
Doctor Strange: Talk about a moment your life changed paths.
Cyclops: What do you worry about?
Jean Grey: What is something about yourself you can't control?
Storm: What do people look up to you for?
Rogue: What makes it hard for people to get close to you?
Shadowcat: Talk about growing up.
Beast: Favorite book?
Nightcrawler: Religious beliefs?
Scarlet Witch: What things have you broken?
Quicksilver: Who do you feel protective toward?
Wolverine: What are things you regret?
Mr. Fantastic: How controlling can you be?
Invisible Woman: Talk about a process of finding your identity.
Human Torch: Can people take you seriously?
Thing: Your body-- what are you insecure about? What do you love?
Black Bolt: What don't you ever do?
Silver Surfer: (Where?) do you want to wander?
... Any others?
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I really really adore Cherik—it’s my OTP of OTPs for X-Men. 

But I also know that it’s not too healthy of a relationship. My main case in point is their argument in DOFP. 

Charles was heartbroken. He lost Raven, his legs, and Erik—whom he regarded as his friend, as well as his students and teachers.But then Erik turns it around that Charles was to blame for everyone’s death. 

Erik was the one responsible for Angel, Azazel, Emma, and Raven. He took them at the end of First Class. The rest—I can only assume went with Charles to his school. It’s clear Havok was drafted. I’m none too sure about Bansee. Erik turned the argument so he wasn’t to be blamed, even though he could be blamed just as much since he was locked up for 10 years. 

It’s kind of heartbreaking actually. Especially since they were perfectly close in XMFC. Charles understood him, but there was a small level of manipulation. There must have been since Erik came to decide that he didn’t trust Charles to be in his head when it boiled down to him getting rid of Shaw.

Erik isn’t any better with his determination to better ‘his’ cause. That and he abandoned Charles on the beach, just straight leaving him paralyzed in the sand. It still hurts. Hell he didn’t seem to have much regard for the fact that he fucking dropped a goddamn stadium on Charles too. 

Like for real that shit was way to close to crush him. I need to write a fic where it does and Erik gets his shit together. 

Just gah these two hurt me so much. 

They need happy things or I’m just going to shove Charles with other people I ship him with cause he deserves happiness. 

And AUs are a thing I abuse. 

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